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One World Trading Est. is a premier supplier and distributor of industrial engines and machinery for power plants, airports and harbors. Focusing on industry-leading brands, One World Trading Est. provides its customers with the genuine and OEM components that can guarantee long term operational perfection and sustainability.

Today's advanced industrial machinery is complex and dynamic, demanding higher efficiency and operational flexibility. Your establishment needs to increase production, embrace new technologies and generate more output while managing aging assets. To meet these challenges you must guarantee an ongoing supply of high quality machinery and parts at the best possible prices. This is exactly what One World Trading Est. is all about!

As a pioneer in its field, One World Trading Est. is your one-stop source for failure free equipment and spare parts. Our logistic distribution performance is unsurpassed, combining fresh thinking and superior understanding of our clients' specific needs.

Based in Saudi Arabia, One World Trading Est. works closely with clients from all over the world. Many power plants, air bases and harbors have already adopted our company as their main supplier. Join them now!

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